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Steyn gets two poles, FRL, 2nd & 3rd place at Roebling NationalS

Danny Steyn took full advantage of the wet qualifying conditions to put his Spec Miata on pole by over two seconds over fellow Rossini driver Andrew Carbonell. In the wet conditions Steyn also picked up a second pole and put his SM car on the overall pole for Group 7 ahead of 200+ HP E Prod and 160+HP cars in STL!

In Sunday’s dry Spec Miata race, Steyn drove away from the field to pull a 2-3 second gap on Chip Van Vurst and Stefan Tisseront. Steyn held the gap at 2 seconds for 22 of the 23 lap race, but on the 2nd last lap made a small error allowing Van Vurst and Tisseront to pass him. Steyn recovered and finished 3rd behind Van Vurst and Tisseront. Steyn ran the fastest race lap at 2:21.9.

In the STL race, Steyn drove to a 2nd place finish behind Tisseront.

During the wet test day sessions Steyn put on a display of rain driving that had the pit crews cheering from the side of pit lane! Check out his in-car video below….

Steyn exploring the limits at Roebling Road in his Spec Miata with worn rain tires

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