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2017 VIR Super Tour Spec Miata Race 2 - Fun drive from 38th to 15th

04/04/2017 Watch the first 4 laps as Steyn moves forward from 7th on the grid to 4th at T4, get knocked off to 15th, and then almost has to stop in the uphill esses as a car goes sideways in front of him. Steyn restarts in 38th place and drives back to 15th place.

2017 Sebring Hoosier Super Tour STL Lap Record Danny Steyn Race 1

17/01/2017 Danny Steyn and Nick Leverone have an epic dual in the STL race at the Sebring Super Tour. Steyn manages to win over Leverone by a mere 17/1,000ths of a second but in the process manages to set a new lap record of 2:27.715, beating his own lap record of 2:28.4 set only 6 weeks previously. Watch the full video, or watch the lap record lap (lap 9) at 17:30, or watch the final lap at 24:45

2016 Sebring Turkey Trot Spec Miata Race 2 Danny Steyn Todd Buras Selin Rollan

28/11/2016 Close hard respectful racing between Danny Steyn and Todd Buras who swap the lead several times in the last 4 laps. Selin Rollan makes a charge to the front with Preston Pardus and Cory Collum in tow.

2016 Sebring Turkey Trot Race 1 Danny Steyn vs Selin Rollan vs Preston Pardus

28/11/2016 Awesome three-wide racing in the Sebring Turkey Trot Spec Miata race. Danny Steyn, Selin Rollan and Preston Pardus race the last 3 laps in epic style side by side, never touching, total respect for the other driver. Steyn wins by 9 THOUSANDTHS of a second!

2016 ARRC STL Race Road Atlanta - Danny Steyn MX-5 (full race)

11/11/2016 Full STL race from inside Danny Steyn's Mazda MX-5 STL car including commentary from the Voice of Road Atlanta, announcer Greg Creamer, Andrew Pinkerton and Scott Conway. Steyn sets a new Road Atlanta STL Lap Record on lap 3.

2016 ARRC Road Atlanta NEW STL Lap Record - Danny Steyn 1:37.113

08/11/2016 First three laps of the 2016 ARRC STL race at Road Atlanta, Saturday November 5th, 2016. Danny Steyn sets out to pulverize the lap record. Steyn gets Jesse Prather Motorsports built, OPM Autosports Racing prepped MX-5 under the old lap record by more than 1.6 seconds. Steyn goes on to win the race, securing his 5th American Road Race of Champions title.

2016 Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup Race 2 Road Atlanta

04/10/2016 In car video from my seat in the Meathead Racing car #6. I start in 19th place, drive very conservatively and slowly move up the field as the attrition takes out drivers ahead of me, finally finishing in 10th place. Despite my conservative approach my lap times were very competitive, just a tenth or two off the fastest lap of the day. I brought the car home with not a scratch on it!

2016 NASA Championships Spec Miata Watkins Glen Danny Steyn

28/09/2016 The full race from Danny Steyn's in car camera during the 2016 NASA Championships Spec Miata at Watkins Glen. Tyler Kicenra, Chris Haldeman, Ralle Rookey, Trevor McCallion. Todd Bura and Andrew Charbonneau feature in this epic race. Kicera held on for the win followed by Haldeman and Steyn took 3rd place

This is why I LOVE Spec Miata V2.0 - THE MOST INTENSE START EVER - 2016 June Sprints

20/06/2016 THE MOST INTENSE SPEC MIATA START EVER. Bumper to bumper for at least 15 rows deep all the way to Turn 1, and 3 wide through turn 1. Make sure you watch at 3:24 - full screen rear bumper. No other class can come close to this kind of racing.

2016 VIR Majors STL Race 1

21/04/2016 My Jesse Prather built, OPM supported Mazda MX-5 can run some decent lap times on its own with a clean track, but it is pretty hard to "race" under the current rule set. By racing I mean passing and being passed. Lapping in formation is not really racing IMO

2016 VIR Majors SM Race 2 - How to go from 14th to 6th to 28th to 9th

21/04/2016 Not my finest day at VIR! Several years ago I overcame a 16th place qualifying and drove to the win, so I was hoping I could overcome my 14th place start. Well I went from 14th to 6th by Turn 5 and then promptly drove myself off at Oak Tree, falling back to 28th. Then together with Michael Ross we put on a demonstration of team driving and moved up into the top 10, and I finished 9th when Michael went wide at the top of Hog Pen. All in all a fun ride!

2016 Sebring Majors Race 2 Winner - Danny Steyn post race interview

18/01/2016 Seventy Spec Miatas took the grid for Race 2 at Sebring Majors this Sunday. Danny Steyn triumphs after a race long battle with pro drivers Todd Lamb and Dillon MacHavern.

2015 Sebring Turkey Trot Spec Miata - NOW THIS IS FUN!!!

01/12/2015 This is why we love Spec Miata. Intense wheel-to-wheel, side-by-side racing, mirrors overlapping, no blocking, no BS, just pure fun wheeling a car as hard and as fast as you can. Such respect for ALL the Spec Miata drivers that race me clean week after week. Race 2 Sebring Turkey Trot. Danny Steyn vs Selin Rollan vs Cory Collum vs Andrew Charbonneau vs John Carter vs Jeff Labounty NOTE - at 24:50 there is about 1 second of video missing where the transition from one file to another took place on the Mobius Camera at the file limit size. Have no idea what happened there.

2015 ARRC Spec Miata Road Atlanta Danny Steyn vs Blake Clements

09/11/2015 Danny Steyn and Blake Clements battle head to head in an epic Spec Miata race for the 2015 American Road Race of Champions (ARRC). Early contender Cliff Brown retires with mechanical issues, Michael Carter finishes 3rd and Dan Tiley 4th. With 4 laps to go Steyn retakes the lead when a lapped car blows an engine, lays down oil through the esses and T5 and catches fire. Race ends under full course yellow This is Danny Steyn's 3rd Spec Miata ARRC title and his 4th overall.

2015 SCCA Runoffs Spec Miata Q2 Daytona Under the Lights - Danny Steyn

23/09/2015 3 great laps under the lights at Daytona for the 2nd Qualifying Session for Spec Miata. Danny Steyn in car camera working with fellow Rossini Racing Engines driver Jonathan Goring

2015 NASA Eastern States Championships at VIR

27/10/2015 The 2015 NASA Eastern States Championships were held at Virginia International Raceway. IN this video several NASA competitors speak about their love of racing and what it takes to win a championship

2015 Spec Miata NASA Nationals VIR - Danny Steyn's Race ends in 14 seconds

06/09/2015 This is one of my issues with NASA Nationals qualifying system. Sometimes you end up with drivers starting out of place with no real understanding of how to handle a National Start. Just watch the red/silver car #78 car ahead who typically finished 3-5 seconds per lap behind the leaders in all the sessions, but due to NASA's qualifying system starts near the front and then destroys the race for some faster drivers with a ZERO PERCENTAGE MOVE. NOT GOOD.

Scary Last 60 seconds from 2015 NASA Championships VIR QR1

04/09/2015 Qualifying Race 1 starts out wet/dry, but on lap 3 the heavens opened and we all started aquaplaning in the braking zone to Turn 1. I go off and get stuck in the sand trap, watching 20 Spec Miatas spinning off hurtling towards me. So fortunate that only two of them hit me - could have been so much worse.

2015 June Sprints Spec Miata winner Danny Steyn post race interview

18/08/2015 Danny Steyn won his 2nd June Sprints title, this time winning over Todd Lamb, in the rain at Road America. Steyn started from the pole, his 3rd June Sprints pole starting position. Steyn's previous June Sprints win was in 2011 also in the rain. For the past 5 years Steyn has been a contender at the front of the June Sprints field. Danny Steyn was presented the trophy by Formula 1 race commentator David Hobbs. And to make the day even more special, Steyn celebrated his 17th wedding anniversary with his wife Kim

2015 June Sprints Spec Miata Road America Danny Steyn vs Todd Lamb

22/06/2015 Some very close racing in trying wet conditions at the 60th running of the June Sprints at Road America. Danny Steyn starts from pole with Todd Lamb alongside, both on rain tires. Jim Drago, Craig Berry and Erik Stearns behind gamble on dry tires and it doesn't pay off for them. Unfortunately in-car-camera USB power cable pops loose so only rear camera for the last three laps. Danny Steyn's June Sprints Resume * 2010 - Champion (wet) * 2011 - 2nd Place * 2012 - 5th Place * 2013 - Leading in last corner of last lap, but taken out by others * 2014 - Led all laps but Lamb got by, just as they threw the FCY and it finished under Yellow * 2015 - Champion (wet)

2015 NASA June Jam Road Atlanta Spec Miata Lightning Race 2

09/06/2015 Flat out CRAZY Race. First two minutes are boring, and then it just goes NUTS. NASA sends out Spec Miata first, and we end up on our first lap flying through T12 blind onto the front straight to see the trailing end of the Spec E30 grid taking the green, and our closing rate is absurd. The next 15 minutes feature crazy wheel to wheel passing with Spec E30's who are way faster down the straights, and way slower in the turns FUN TIMES!!!

2015 Summit Point Spec Miata Post Race Interview with Danny Steyn

03/05/2015 Danny Steyn wins race 2 at Summit Point Majors in a close fight with Tyler Kicera. Steyn clinches the 2015 South East Majors Conference in Spec Miata for the 2nd time.

2015 VIR Majors Spec Miata Race 1 - Steyn loses to Machavern by 71/1000ths

20/04/2015 Exciting racing between the top Spec Miata drivers in the country at the 5th round of the 2015 Majors events in the South East Conference. The top 6 qualified withing 3/10ths of a second and the top 17 qualified within 1 second. There is no other class that generates anywhere as close wheel-to-wheel racing as Spec Miata. After Andrew Carbonnel goes off at around 6:30 and rejoins, he has grass in the radiator and the temps start to build and by the last lap the ECU is pulling so much timing that his car slows down considerably. He pulls off with 3/4 lap to go to save the engine.

2015 SCCA Majors Road Atlanta Spec Miata Race 1

23/03/2015 Really exciting Race 1 between Dillon Machavern, Danny Steyn and Jonathon Goring during the first Spec Miata race at the 2015 Road Atlanta Majors. First two laps are really fun, as well as the last two laps starting at 17:20. Last lap (19:35) is particularly exciting with Steyn and Machavern passing a lapper on either side through the downhill esses - guess he needed an underwear change after that moment!

2015 NOLA Majors Spec Miata Race 2 Danny Steyn Rossini Racing Engines

14/03/2015 The racing at NOLA for the 2015 Majors Spec Miata Races was extremely close. Take a ride with Pole-Sitter Danny Steyn as he battles with Andrew Carbonell, Eric Stearns, Todd Buras, Selin Rollan, Chris Haldeman, Blake Clements, Jim Drago, Craig Berry and more.

2015 Sebring Majors Spec Miata Race 1

19/01/2015 Very tight race between Dillon MacHavern and Danny Steyn in the 2015 Sebring Majors Race 1. One car is not like the other car.

2015 SCCA Majors Homestead Spec Miata Race 4/1000ths second

14/01/2015 Steyn loses to Buras by 4/1000ths of a second. An amazingly intense Race 2 at the start of the 2015 SCCA Majors Series. Drivers featured are Danny Steyn, Todd Buras, Selin Rollan, Elivan Goulart, Andrew Charbonneau, Mark Gibson and more.

2014 Sebring Turkey Trot Spec Miata Race 1

01/12/2014 One of the MOST EXCITING Spec Miata races I have ever driven in! Danny Steyn, Alex Bolanos and Selin Rollan swap the lead several times and go through Turn 17 and though Turn 1 THREE WIDE. Just insane but so much fun. This is what Spec Miata racing is all about. C'mon guys, build or buy a car and come and have some fun with us. The best damn class out there for sure. Video features Mark Gibbons, Preston Pardus, Paul Holton. Top three cars powered by Rossini Racing Engines!

2014 ARRC Spec Miata Road Atlanta - EPIC BATTLE

04/11/2014 Danny Steyn, who has three ARRC titles, sets out to win his 4th (3rd in Spec Miata). He qualifies on the pole and has an epic battle with Dillon Machavern and Chris Topping. It all comes down to the last corner of the last lap.....

2014 NASA Championships Road Atlanta Spec Miata - Danny Steyn in car video

02/09/2014 Full Spec Miata race from the 2014 NASA National Championships at Road Atlanta. Danny Steyn races at the front in an epic battle with Alex Bolanos, Mat Pombo, Jonathan Czarny, Jim Drago, and many others. Despite leading 15 of the 21 laps, Steyn loses to Bolanos who wins his first NASA National Championship (Bolanos was runner up in 2013). Thanks to my sponsors, Adept Photo Studios, OPM Autosports, Rossini Racing Engines, Traqmate Data Acquisition, Carbotech Brakes, Driven Steering Wheels. And especially to Mazda and Toyo Tires for the great contingency program.

2014 NASA HOTLANTA - Steyn vs. Pombo - last two laps at Road Atlanta Spec Miata

11/08/2014 Spec Miata drivers Danny Steyn and Mat Pombo race the final two laps after the Full Course Yellow restart. Thanks to my sponsors OPM Autosports, Traqmate Data Acquisition, Carbotech Brakes, Adept Studios, and Mazda Motorsports

2014 Watkins Glen Spec Miata Lap Record - Majors Race 1

08/07/2014 2014 Watkins Glen Spec Miata Lap Record - Majors Race 1

2014 June Sprints Spec Miata Feature Race - Road America

23/06/2014 Danny Steyn's in car video of the 2014 June Sprints Feature Race. Steyn starts third and with help from Todd Lamb passes Erik Stearns for the lead on lap 5. Full Course Yellow comes out and 3 laps are run under Yellow. On the restart Steyn leads Lamb through T1 and T3 but fails to defend going into T5 and Lamb makes the pass before the track goes FCY for the 2nd and final time. Race finishes under yellow with Lamb 1st, Steyn 2nd and Stearns 3rd.

2014 Road Atlanta Spec Miata Rain Race - Exploring the limits on a wet track

23/05/2014 More practice in the wet at Road Atlanta in my OPM built Rossini powered Spec Miata. Qualified on the pole and handily won the race, and had some fun on the cool down lap putting on a show to thank the corner workers for enduring a miserable day so we could race. Almost tossed it away in T10B. Huge thanks to my sponsors including Rossini Racing Engines, OPM Autosports, Traqmate Data, Carbotech Brakes, Adept Studios.

2014 VIR Majors Race - Lap 1 Carnage

21/04/2014 Here is the STL, STU, T2, T3, T4 Race 1 in which a Yellow Nissan 370Z T almost causes several incidents on the first lap before finally T-Boning Michael Scornivacchi's Blue Mustang, causing more than $100,000 worth of damage to multiple cars. Cars caught up in the carnage include Cliff Brown, Andrew Charbonneau, Forrest Landy, Connor Flynn, Joseph Strong and others.

2014 Road Atlanta Majors - Danny Steyn crashes in Turn 5 with two laps to go

21/03/2014 In Race 2, Steyn was just pushing too hard and with two laps to go was closing in on 4th place and over drove the exit of turn 5 and crashed head first at 78 MPH into the tire wall in T5.

2014 NASA Road Atlanta Rain Race - Steyn vs Gorriaran

18/03/2014 Danny Steyn and Steve Gorriaran have an intense Spec Miata race in the rain at Road Atlanta. Neither wants to give an inch, but both have to protect their cars, as the bit SCCA Majors race is just 4 days away. Steve drives a stellar race to hold Steyn behind him and goes on for the win. Toyo "rain" tires make for very sketchy conditions with the front and rear breaking away in every corner making the steering wheel very light in the drivers hands and requiring very cautious inputs of steering, brake and throttle. Here is the whole rain race, not all of it is exciting but some might want to see how Steve Gorriaran and I start finding speed on the track trying different lines, different braking points, new passing lines, sometimes finding speed and sometimes scaring ourselves silly. Steve pulls off some very significant passes on lapped traffic in the last few laps With the unshaved Toyo RA-1 "rain" tires the car is on the verge of a slide from turn in to track out and the steering wheel is just so light in your hands the entire time. And often in the braking points we were going into turn T10A with all 4 wheels locked up. Very, very scary. Being crossed up side-by-side with another driver not giving an inch and big concrete walls either side is pretty nerve wracking. Then on top of that we have the Majors race in just 4 days from this so no chance for Steve or I to repair anything if we get it wrong. Passing on the outside of turn1 in the rain is also not for everyone, but it was not nearly as hairy as the feeling from the exit of T3 to the exit of T5 where the entire time I was expecting the car to get away from me. • Lap 1 is fun finding out what the track and tires have to offer. • Really fun side-by-side passing attempts on the outside of turns starts at 16:00. Initially we completely check out from the field of BMW Spec E30's, but towards the end when I start trying to pass Steve it slows us down and then the E30's come into the picture and make the last two laps really hairy.

2014 Barber - Danny Steyn comes to terms with the NASA TT format - Barber Motosports Park

22/02/2014 Danny Steyn's makes first foray into NASA's TT at Barber Motosports Park, a place where he has set the Spec Miata lap record on four occasions. In the TT events, a huge variety of cars with vast dissimilar HP outputs, and a huge variety of driver skills all converge for a 3-5 lap time trial format. One fast lap is all you want. However there is a lot of traffic on the track, some fast in a straight line, some slow in the corners, and may unpredictable in both, and several who lack situational awareness. Getting one clean lap is not as easy as you would imagine as this video shows (5 laps from 3 different sessions are shown here)

2014 New Barber Motorsports Park Spec Miata track record 1:45.719 on Toyos Danny Steyn

24/02/2014 After setting a Spec Miata new track record in August of 2013, I felt that we would be much faster on a colder day. Well we got our cold day, and this time, on Toyo RR's which are not nearly as fast as the Hoosier SM6's, I was able to go a full second faster and run a 1:45.719. In fact I ran ten of the eleven laps under my previous lap record. The following day I ran a 1:44.818 on Hoosiers in the TT event, but unfortunately as it was not a race it doesn't count as a track record, but it is still the fastest lap ever run by a Spec Miata at Barber!

2014 PBIR Majors Spec Miata Race 2. Alex Bolanos, Danny Steyn, Andrew Carbonell, Selin Rollan

14/01/2014 Spec Miata Race 2 at the PBIR Major event. Alex Bolanos is on form but has early competition from Danny Steyn and Selin Rollan Jnr, before he pulls away for his third win of the season. Behind him Steyn and Andrew Carbonell have a great battle with Steyn beating out Carbonell for the 2nd place by 0.000 - talk about a photo finish. Video shows first 8 laps and the last two laps. Selin Rollan breaks Steyn's PBIR track record set a day earlier and runs a 1.33.190! If you want an abbreviated view watch the first two laps and skip forward to 12:50

2014 Spec Miata FUN drifting session at PBIR on worn rain tires - Danny Steyn

12/01/2014 Danny Steyn drifts his Spec Miata through every turn at PBIR during a wet test session at the January 2014 Majors event. Even with only 120 HP, these perfectly balanced Miata's make perfect drift cars when traction is compromised by rain and worn tires!

2014 Sebring BFGoodrich Majors Super Tour Spec Miata Race 2 - Danny Steyn

07/01/2014 The 2nd installment of the Greatest Last Lap that Never Happened. The full race including the restart after the full course yellow. The Last Lap Insanity begins at 12:40 - with 4 care entering the last turn, Turn 17 two wide and two deep. Less than 2/10ths second separates the first 4 cars! Enjoy. Despite being given the green flag and racing to the checker, the last lap is deemed to have started after the official race time had expired, so the final positions were determined by the last lap under caution. Features Alex Bolanos, Craig Berry, Todd Lamb, Jim Drago, Danny Steyn, Blake Clements, Selin Rollan Jnr, Andrew Charbonneau and many more!

2013 ARRC Spec Miata Road Atlanta - Main Race (Bumper Cam)

06/11/2013 2013 ARRC Spec Miata Full Race. Unfortunately around the 8 minute mark, I lost power to the Traqmate which shut off the in-car camera and I lost the shift light as well. Bumper Cam for the remainder. Video Highlights • The start is awesome with the bumper cam • 13:30 to 19:00 has some pretty intense racing with lots of passing. Dan pushes Cliffy past me and Dan and I drive 4 turns side by side with Mark and Blake trying to get past too. Cliff opens up a lead in front of us. At the end of that lap Dan drops a wheel under the bridge at T11 and that lets Drennan get the run. Who would have thought that would have killed his momentum that much. • 17:00 Mark Drennan gets the run and tries the pass on me but gets sideways in T10A and that allows me to get back by with help from Blake • 18:00 I have my Dukes of Hazard moment trying to pass a lapped car on the outside of T5 and Blake almost bumps me while I am still recovering!!! Really looks awesome with the rear view camera, especially the end of that lap with Blake all over my bumper! • 31:00 Cliffy catches the lapped car that takes him all the way to the left of the track. I get past the lapper through T10 and get under Cliffy and make the pass by T1. The lapped driver goes for a wild ride through T1 behind Cliffy. • 32:30 Cliffy makes another pass attempt on the back straight and I manage to get it back going through T12 side by side again. This sets up the last lap. • 34:30 Cliffy makes the pass on the back straight but the side draft keeps me in the hunt for an amazing finish Huge shoutout to Cliff, Mark, Voytek, Blake, Andrew, Dan and the rest of the amazing Spec Miata class for putting on such a great show! Hard, clean wheel to wheel racing all weekend!

2013 ARRC "Luck of the Draw" Spec Miata Feature Race

05/11/2013 the 2013 ARRC at Road Atlanta had a special inverted grid "Luck of the Draw" Spec Miata Feature Race. Drivers were gridded for the start in inverse order based on their fastest times from both qualifying and the ARRC Race the day before. Steyn starts from 26th place and coming into the last lap Steyn runs in 3rd place but manages to get the pass on Cliff Brown and Voytek Burdzy in the last corner of the last lap to hold on for the win. Cliff Brown won the draw and in his generous style, donated his winnings to a cancer patient.

2013 SCCA Runoffs Spec Miata SpeedcastTV Broadcast

02/10/2013 Full video of the Spec Miata race at the 2013 Runoffs at Road America. Jim Drago becomes the first driver to win two Spec Miata Runoffs titles. Voytek Burdzy finshes 3rd. Danny Steyn drives from 26th place on the grid to 3rd place finishing on the podium, and wins the "GoPro Hero Move of the Race'. Elivan Goulart, 4X Runoffs Champion finishes 4th, Nick Leverone 5th, Joey Jordan finishes 6th and Matt Reynolds finishes 7th.

2013 SCCA Runoffs Spec Miata Post Race Interviews

30/09/2013 Race winner, Jim Drago, 2nd place finisher Voytek Burdzy and 3rd place finisher Danny Steyn talk about their race at the 50th running of the SCCA Runoffs at Road America.

2013 SCCA Runoffs Spec Miata Danny Steyn - FULL

03/09/2013 Full video from the 2013 SCCA Runoffs at Road America. Video from Danny Steyn's Spec Miata car #39. After Steyn loses a gearbox in the critical Q1 session, and weather skunks the latter qualifying sessions, Steyn starts the race in the 26th position and drives through the field to finish on the podium in 3rd place. Steyn wins the GoPro HERO move of the race for his drive to the finish.

2013 Spec Miata lap record at Barber Motorsports Park by Danny Steyn

03/09/2013 Danny Steyn sets new Spec Miata lap record at Barber Motorsports Park in 100 degree weather, 100% humidity. Danny gets the lap record of 1:46.735 on lap 2 then leads the first 12 laps. When lapped traffic comes into play, Cliff Brown closes up and Steyn and Brown have a good race for the last three laps

2013 June Sprints Spec Miata Race Road America. Danny Steyn gets taken out while leading!

21/06/2013 Danny Steyn qualifies on pole both sessions, and leads the first three laps of the race. Steyn gets overtaken by Drago and Berry and is content to follow in 3rd. However contact with Erik Stearns knocks Steyn off the track and he is able to resume in 7th place. Slowly Steyn closes on the leaders and on the last lap, Steyn reclaims the lead with a pass around Stearns and Berry in Turn 5. However Steyn gets knocked off again while leading with only 2 turns left. This time it is Craig Berry that takes out Steyn, and Steyn is unable to continue. Last Lap Fun starts at 24:07

2013 VIR BFG Super Tour Double Majors Spec Miata Race 1 Danny Steyn

24/04/2013 Getting stuck in the mud in the Q2 session puts Danny Steyn back to 16th place on the grid for Race 1. With no hope of winning Steyn sets out to salvage as many points as he can, but as the drivers up front fight to lead the race, and show down, somehow Steyn moves through the field to eventually get the race win. Incredibly tight but respectful racing from all the drivers up front. Major players in the video include Andrew Charbonneau, Dan Tiley, Alex Bolanos, Jeff Labounty, Dillon Machavern, Cliff Brown, Chip Van Vurst, Selin Rollan, Bruce Anderson, John Carter, Nick Leverone, Stefan Tisseront, and more

2013 Road Atlanta Majors Spec Miata Race 2 - Danny Steyn vs Andrew Carbonell

08/03/2013 Race 2 was a real barn burner with many lead changes. Steyn starts from outside pole, drops back as far as 4th place, works back to the front with 6 to go and tries to gap Rossini engine team mate Andrew Carbonell, but to no avail. On the last lap Carbonel makes an attempt in T3 and bangs into Steyn twise, Steyn saves it, and continues in the lead. Carbonnel drafts Steyn on the back straight and makes the clean pass in T10A to get the win by 1/10th second. Dillon MacHavern back in 3rd place

2013 Road Atlanta Majors Spec Miata Race 1 - Jim Drago vs Danny Steyn

08/03/2013 Danny Steyn leads for 16 of the 18 lap SCCA Majors Race. Jim Drago makes the pass in T10A leading onto the last lap. Then it gets really exciting!

2013 COTA Spec Miata Race SCCA Majors. The best lap that never happened! Danny Steyn

11/03/2013 This is the BEST last lap that NEVER happened.At the end of Race 1 on Saturday, we get given the one-to-go signal twice! This is the LAST LAP - the race to the checker flag, which was disallowed. Drivers are Craig Berry, Jim Drago, Andrew Charbonneau, Chris Haldeman, and myself in the camera car.

2013 Danny Steyn exploring the limits at Roebling Road in a Spec Miata - finding the rain line!!!!

23/02/2013 5 Minutes of PURE FUN finding the limits in a Spec Miata at Roebling Road on a damp track with worn rain tires - and don't miss 4:16 where Cliffie Brown gets ready to bump draft me while I am still sideways in Turn 9!!! Gotta love the trust of the guys in this most awesome class of amateur road racing!

2013 Roebling STL National - Danny Steyn drifting away in a 125 HP Spec Miata during a race!

21/02/2013 Here are the last 3 laps of Sunday's STL race trying to hang with Stefan Tisseront with tires that are totally done and completely grained from the earlier Spec Miata Race. When I realized I was fighting a losing battle I decided to have some fun. SO much fun to be completely sideways at 100mph in Turn 9 with the concrete pit wall so close. Just amazing how balanced this wonderful Mazda Miata platform is. AMAZINGLY controllable - all with ONLY 125 HP!

2013 PBIR Double National Spec Miata - Race 2 Danny Steyn

23/01/2013 Chip Van Vurst and Alex Bolanos have pulled away, but Alex makes his move on Chip and this allows Steyn to close the gap. Lapped traffic also comes into play. Van Vurst gaps Steyn and Bolanos as they start racing and trading positions. Steyn and Bolanos go side by side through several corners with slight contact. Bolanos holds of Steyn for 2nd place by 4/100ths second.

2013 SCCA Majors BFG Super Tour Sebring Spec Miata Race 1 Danny Steyn Todd Buras

08/01/2013 Some phenomenal driving by Todd Buras to pass Danny Steyn on the outside of turn 17 on the final lap to win by 4/100ths of a second. The top 5 drivers were within 0.4 seconds. And the top 12 Spec Miata drivers qualified within 1 second of the pole sitter Todd Buras. Hats off the Rossini powered Chip van Vurst for a great comeback. Chip was leading with 2 laps to go!!! Andrew Charbonneau, Alex Bolanos, Jim Drago, Pat Sandlin, Craig Berry, Jamie Tucker, Cory Collum, Jeff Labounty, Bruce Anderson, Nick Leverone ....... anyone of these drivers (and more) could have won it. The 2013 Spec Miata class is going to be one of the most competitive classes in all of amateur racing.

A little of the "crazy gene" helps in Spec Miata - especially at Road Atlanta - Steyn hanging it out!


Danny Steyn having fun on test day in two different cars.This lap is a composite of several laps from different sessions, all edited together to form one fun filled lap. Don't try this at home!!!!!

2012 ARRC Spec Miata Race at Road Atlanta - Steyn and Brown to the wire!


In a closely contested race, Cliff Brown holds off the challenge from Danny Steyn. Jim Drago is an early contender but an off in Turn 5 ends his chances. Brown and Steyn pull away to wing over over Drago and Blake Clements.

This video shows the start, the first 4 laps and the last 4 laps...... middle section of the race was just like the beginning and the end! Brown and Steyn were never separated by more than 0.3 seconds for the entire 20 lap race.

If you want to skip to the good part - watch from 12:00 onwards and see how the last lap pass attempt succeeds and then fails as I get too greedy in T7. Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

2012 This is why I LOVE Spec Miata - Spec Miata drafting at Daytona Danny Steyn and others


If you race Spec Miata, then you get it. If you don't race Spec Miata, this video should convince you to build, buy or rent a car and come and have some fun with us. You don't know what you are missing.

This was Sunday's Race 2 at the 2012 Daytona Double SARRC. There were two full course yellows and of course, two restarts that brought the whole field close together. That makes for some intense wheel-to-wheel, bumper-to-bumper racing, three wide into turns, a huge passes on the outside going into T1, some absolute craziness in the bus stop, and some amazing freight trains that left me hung out to dry - TWICE (you would think I would learn after the first one!)

And just in case you are not sure of how much sure how much bump drafting works, just take a look at the segment from 8:00 to 9:30 and the segment at the finish 18:50 onwards - You'll understand!!!!

Road Atlanta National Race 1 - Full Video


Full video from Steyn's in car camera, chasing Drago, Brown, Sandlin and Topping.

Steyn's great Rossini motor blows up while setting the pole lap when the radiator hose blows off. Steyn runs the national race with a spare motor that is down on power and tries to hold onto the leaders by out driving them through the infield (Turn 1- Turn 7) Steyn hangs on for 12 laps until the tires finally let go. Up front Drago and Brown have an exceptionally hard fought race with Drago hanging on for the win.

Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

Road Atlanta National Qualifying - Pole Lap


The new OPM Spec Miata built for Steyn continues its sorting out process, and appears that the program is headed in the right direction. Steyn took his new car to pole positions in both the National and Pro-IT qualifying grids, out qualifying several top flight National contenders, including Drago, Sandlin and Brown.

In the National qualifying session, unfortunately a radiator hose let go and Steyn almost spun out in Turn 12 in his own coolant, but hung on to get the pole!

2012 SCCA Spec Miata Double National at VIR Race 2 in the rain

22/04/2012 Sunday's Race 2 was held in soaking rain. Steyn starts from the front row but gets dropped at the start and falls back to 4th. Steyn then spends time driving blind in the spray from the cars ahead. Steyn has a huge moment when he goes off at South Bend, gets airborne and comes back across the track narrowly missing the tire wall. Steyn recovers and while everyone around him starts flying off the track, Steyn keeps calm, keeps it on the track and finishes 2nd to Todd Buras.

2012 SCCA Spec Miata Double National at Road Atlanta - Race 2


Very close racing at Road Atlanta. Steyn qualifies 6th, but drops back to 12th after a missed shift at Turn 7 on first lap, then claws his way back through the field to finish 4th. Lots of very tight racing. Up front Cliff Brown, Pat Sandlin and Alex Bolanos run away from the field. But duking it out for 4th place are Jim Drago, Andrew Charbonneau, Andrew Carbonnel, Voytek Burdzy, Selin Rollan, Jeff Labounty, Pat McGinnis and Mike Cottrell. Lots of bump drafting to get back up in contention!

Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

2011 SCCA Spec Miata Runoffs Road America - Steyn contends for the win, finishes 5th. Full video.


Steyn inherits the lead after Drago and Gorriaran make contact at Turn 8 on lap 1. Steyn falls back to 3rd behind Gorriaran and Goulart. Charbonneau joins the front. Steyn and Charbonneau battle for 3rd. Burdzy knocks Steyn off track at Turn 8 Steyn rejoins and finishes 5th after protests and penalties

Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

VIR Double National Spec Miata, Race 2. Van Vurst wins over Charbonneau and Steyn.


Last lap of the intense battle between Chip Van Vurst, Andrew Charbonneau and Danny Steyn. Charbonneau leads out of Oaktree, but is past by Van Vurst on entry into Hogpen. Van Vurst overshoots the turn and Charbonneau does the classic over/under to regain the lead.

Van Vurst trails Charbonneau but gets a great run out of Hogpen and side drafts past Charbonneau for the win. Steyn hangs on for 3rd.

Spec Miata National at Roebling Road. Steyn and Van Vurst battle for the win.


The Spec Miata field took to a wet but drying track. Steyn who had qualified in 4th place drove to the front by the end of lap 1 and opened a commanding lead on Van Vurst. As the track dried Van Vurst found a faster line and closed in on Steyn, eventually taking the lead around lap 8.

Steyn then tried everything to get back past Van Vurst, and the last 5 laps provided some spectacular offensive and defensive driving from this pair. The rest of the flied were no longer in contention. Chip van Vurst held of Danny Steyn for the win by a hair.

Spec Miata National, Race 2 at Homestead. Steyn wins by 0.084 seconds over Van Vurst!


Last five laps of the 2011 Spec Miata January National Race 2 at Homestead. Chip Van Vurst, Andrew Charbonneau and Danny Steyn battle for the lead. On the last lap Steyn gets a great run out of Turn 8 and drafts past Van Vurst to get the win by 84/1000ths of a seconds. Andrew Charbonneau finishes third.

Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

Spec Miata National Homestead, Race 1. Chip van Vurst beats Steyn by 0.015 seconds!


Last three laps of the 2011 Spec Miata January National Race 1 at Homestead. Chip Van Vurst holds off Danny Steyn by 15/1000ths of a seconds. Andrew Charbonneau finishes third.

Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

Danny Steyn's first SCCA Runoffs comes to a disappointing end.


Danny Steyn gets taken out in the T12 /T13 incident at the 2010 SCCA Runoffs in the Spec Miata class. Jeff Labounty makes contact with Matt Pombo and Sammy Valafar. Valafar comes sideways across the track right in front of Steyn who has nowhere to go. Craig Berry is in the black and green 29 car in front of Steyn.

Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

Steyn runs three laps under the Barber Motorsports Park Spec Miata Lap Record in practice.


In near perfect conditions, Danny Steyn runs three consecutive laps under the Spec Miata Lap Record at Barber Motorsports park during practice.

Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

Watkins Glen National Spec Miata Race. Danny Steyn's horrific crash into Mike Collins.


In the first race of the Double National Spec Miata race at Watkins Glen in July 2010, Steyn has a horrific crash. This video starts after the restart of the race after the first Full Course Yellow.

Coming through the bus stop, Collins loses control ahead of Steyn and ends up turned sideways on the racing line. Steyn is following Bednarz and cannot see Collins car until too late. Fortunately Bednarz's car rips off Collins front right wheel and this becomes the launching pad for Steyn's car and prevents the full impact into Collins's car.

Steyn sets new Sebring Full Course Spec Miata Lap Record.


After a mid-race Full Course Yellow, Danny Steyn passes Chip Van Vurst and Andrew Charbonneau to set a new Sebring Full Course Track Record in Spec Miata with a time of 2.36.915.

Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

Danny Steyn takes 5 times DTM Champion Bernd Schneider for a wild ride on ice at the 2009 AMG Winter Sporting event in Arjeplog Sweden.


Danny Steyn gets personal coaching by Bernd Schneider on a frozen lake in Arjeplog Sweden at the AMG Winter Sporting Pro event in 2009. Bernd Schneider is the 5 times DTM champion.

Mercedes AMG hosts driver training camps around the world, and the Winter Sporting program is held in the small Swedish town of Arjeplog, just south of the Arctic Circle. Steyn is driving the Ice Taxi - a fully caged modified Mercedes AMG C63 with 450 HP and tires with 12mm spikes.