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Van Vurst and Steyn finish one-two again at Roebling Road National, March 2011

The Spec Miata field took to a wet but drying track. Steyn who had qualified in 4th place drove to the front by the end of lap 1 and opened a commanding lead on Van Vurst. As the track dried Van Vurst found a faster line and closed in on Steyn, eventually taking the lead around lap 8. Steyn then tried everything to get back past Van Vurst, and the last 5 laps provided some spectacular offensive and defensive driving from this pair. The rest of the flied were no longer in contention. Chip van Vurst held of Danny Steyn for the win by a hair

? Race video below shows the last 5 laps of the close race between Van Vurst and Steyn.

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