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Steyn gets 7th and 4th place finishes at Road Atlanta Double National

In Race 1 after qualifying in 3rd place, Steyn fell back quickly and only managed a 7th place finish.

In Race 2, thanks to a great qualifying session with help from Pat Sandlin and Jim Drago, Steyn was able to put his car 4th place on the grid. Unfortunately this didn’t last and Steyn dropped back to 7th by Turn 3. A missed shift in turn 7 put Steyn back in 12th place, all on lap 1. Over the next 6 laps, Steyn put his head down and had a really exciting drive working his way back through the field to finish fourth.

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Steyn did however have a semi decent race in the 1-1/2 hour ECR race where he finished a close 2nd to the car of Andrew Carbonnel and Selin Rollan.

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